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ZX1375 Series DC Bias Source (25A)

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Our Price:  900,000.00

■ Provide 0~25A of constant current output for single one
■ 0.25mA Current step.
■ Current output mode: single current, step scan
■ 0-2MHz frequency response.
■ Communication with SCPI command by RS232C interface.
■ Chinese and English user interface

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ZX1375 is a 0 ~ 25A DC bias current source, which can be controlled by external LCR meter by RS232 interface.
ZX1375X is a 0 ~ 25A DC bias current source integrated with high frequency LCR Meter. Its output voltage up to 11V.
ZX1375 and ZX1375X can be used to analyze the characteristics of core in inductors for quality inspection. The build-in bias source has less noise and more flexible control mode. Comparator is in the meter to set up automatic production line for detection easily.

Order Information:
ZX1375X:Max to 25A, DC bias source and LCR meter integrated.
ZX1375: Max to 25A, DC bias source.


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