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Enameled Wire Stripping Machine

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  1. Handheld electric enameled wire paint scrapper, rotating with special blade (three claw-shaped blades). 
  2. Applicable for wire diameter: 0.3~2.5mm. Working length: 5.0~50.0mm.
  3. Rotation of blades is adjusted based on diameter of enameled wire: The thinner the diameter, the lower the rotation. The thick the diameter, the fast the rotation is.
  4. The production capacity is 600 pieces/h. It is suitable for enameled wire paint scrapping in electronic device manufacturers.

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Technical parameter

  • Applicable wire diameter: 0.3-2.5mm
  • Power supply: 220v/50Hz ,110V / 60HZ
  • Working length: 3-50mm
  • Power: 50w


Delivery Time: 8 weeks


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